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New Details on Carmellini's Ago Overhaul Emerge

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Though technically Ago was open until last week (as a contractual obligation to its parent the Greenwich Hotel), at the end there was nothing left of the restaurant except a small handful of soldier-chefs executing Agostino Sciandri's abandoned menu and a room full of confused diners. It was, frankly, bizarre watching a staff so tuned into the fact that the respirator would soon be unplugged. Now, at the restaurant that will be called Locanda Verde (literally, "Green Inn"), a quick renovation is underway. Here now, on unofficial Ago Appreciation Day, what they're doing:

According to Carmellini—who, along with GM Josh Pickard is an equity partner in this venture—they're going to change up the flow of the room. (The room right now has no flow, see.) Up front to the right, the Greenwich Street side of the space, will go a more casual-feeling cafe, where light breakfast will be served. To the left, they'll lower the chandeliers, which now hang a good ten feet above the tables; add open wine bottle storage-display; hang mirrors and, in summer, will make use of a sidewalk seating permit. The point is to create intimacy and bring Tribeca into the restaurant. Very loyal Ago customers, of which there are zero, will remember green tiled columns throughout: these are staying, as is a painting on the back wall, per specific orders from Mr. De Niro—who, as a NYM profile on Monday will reveal, is quite involved in this project.

Also, a source confirms that they're aiming to open next week and will not conduct any, repeat any, formal friends and family. Cutletz, put down the phone.
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Locanda Verde

377 Greenwich Street, Manhattan, NY 10013 (212) 925-3797 Visit Website

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