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A Moveable Tweet: The Latest from the Industry Twitterati

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We present the latest edition of A Moveable Tweet, where we take a look at the most intriguing tweets in the restaurant industry.


@ruthreichl: "So interesting; everywhere I go, there's a question about Twitter. Did 3 events today, came up everytime. 2 more tonight. Bet it will again."

@plattypants: "At Viennese joint. Cutlets checking the bathrooms for Nazis."

@kkrader: "@ ssam bar all 39 bottles in new bar are brown spirits. And look @ new McEnroe pic"

@williamtigertt: "At table8. First floor has excelent vibe. 2nd floor was crap/hotel guests. Bathroom attendant was pouring drinks for peeps in line. Packed."

@roccodispirito: "I love when people aren't intimidated to cook for chefs. We don't get asked to home cooked dinners enough! Promise we aren't picky guests."

@gaelgreene: "Mythic restaurateur Joe Baum said the definition of a gourmand is one who eats cold leftover pasta from the fridge for breakfast."

@alisoncook: "Last night, a NY cabbie sent me into the night with these parting, topical words--"Be healthy."..I think the cabbie meant "don't catch swine flu.""

@bittman: "Oprah Gives Out Free KFC in Most Hypocritical Move Yet (Civil Eats):"

@ilanhall: "I think I got chlamidya from just walking into Sam's Hof Brau."

@AmandaHesser: "noticed that in 2 upcoming columns, two chefs use powdered milk in their recipes. Name a third and we have a trend."

@KatieLeeJoel: "Wow!! Kanye AND Rhianna were amazing at the Met!!!! Best time. Next stop: Monkey Bar"

@GAchatz: "Dinner at Soto. Simplistic refined excellence."

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