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EaterWire: Elettaria Gets Brunch, Zucca Takes Pennyfeathers

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VILLAGE: TONY shares the soon to debut brunch menu at Elettaria, albeit without prices. [The Feed]

WEST VILLAGE: Though a number of restaurateurs who shall remain nameless have looked at the large Pennyfeathers space on 7th Ave. South, someone has finally snatched it up after nine months sitting vacant. Zagat reports that Zucca Trattoria will open in the space soon. [Zagat]

GREENMARKET—The Feedbag follows Marco Canora, chef at Insieme, Hearth, and Terroir, to the Greenmarket. Our suspicions that NYC has gone batty for ramps proven true: a decade ago ramps cost $2/lb. Now, they're $14/lb. [TFB]

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