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Thursday Opening Report: Golosi, Mojo Certified Open, Clerkenwell on Sunday

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Midtown: UrbanDaddy and Midtown Lunch report on the opening of Golosi, a pizza place on Park and 41st that will be handing out free gelato today in honor of its opening. From the PR: "The pizza is sold Roman-style al metro - by the inch ($0.99 – 1.50 per inch, 3-inch minimum). The pies are long, shaped like skateboards and made with Neapolitan Antico Molino Caputo’s 00 flour, which is considered the best pizza flour, and strutto (rendered pork fat), which was traditionally used in the past in dough (savory and sweet) in Southern Italy as olive oil was expensive...The gelato will be made on premises daily offering traditional flavors." Status: Certified Open. 125 Park Ave., Midtown East; 212-922-1169.

Lower East Side: UrbanDaddy reports on the opening of Clerkenwell, a new spot on Clinton and Stanton, set to open over the weekend: "Perfectly situated on a run of Clinton Street that we'll call International Comfort Food Alley...the Clerk is an antique-looking LES version of British gastropub king the Spotted Pig, just without Mangalitsas, gnudi or Jay-Z...The menu is chock full of these well-executed classics (Yorkshire Toad In The Hole, Smoked Haddock)—nothing that you'll have to work too hard to wrap your head around." Status: Reportedly opening on the 12th, but no answers to calls. 49 Clinton St., 212-614-3234

Harlem: Uptown Flavor brings word that Mojo a new restaurant on 119th Street and St. Nicholas Ave. opened last week: "Now with a full menu of Mediterranean-inspired dishes and varied list of premium drinks and a top-notch staff, Mojo seems to have even more charm and appeal...While the drink prices are a bit on the high end for uptown, it reflects the more top-shelf line of liquor Mojo’s skilled bartenders use in their cocktails." Status: Certified Open. 185 Saint Nicholas Ave., 212-280-1924.