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White Slab Palatial: New Dining Room in the Works!

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Lower East Side: An intrepid tipster sends in the above photos of the current state of what was once a lamp and lighting fixture store next door to the one-month-old White Slab Palace on Allen and Delancey. What it's going to be: a dining room for the bar, owned by the same team as the recently shuttered Good World. They acquired the space over three months ago but have just now started in earnest with the renovations. Our tipster offers up the full rundown:

"You can't make out a lot but you can see a nice old stove and what looks like a sofa in the process of getting reupholstered and some good looking wallpaper...
There's currently a pass-through into the second space in the waitstaff service area. The bartender I spoke to didn't know if it was going to be that a host/ess would escort you into the quieter/more formal/more exclusive? dining area next door or if they were going to put in a doorway next to the bar in the front of the space. She was saying that the bar area would probably get loud and busy and that this second space would allow them to expand the menu and have a quieter atmosphere in the second room."
As long as they serve the caper burger, it should prove a worthy stand-in for the shuttered Good World. More on the space as it progresses.
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