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EaterWire: Benefits for Abruzzo, Lobster Meatballs, Cafe Noir to Close, and More

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NEW YORK— Check out this aggressive pitch from the fun folks over at Micky Ds: "The coffee wars are heating up in New York! As Starbucks are closing throughout the City, McDonald’s is moving full steam ahead with the launch of McCafé, a hot new line of espresso based beverages. The beverages launch May 5th, which will be a much needed reprieve for those New York coffee addicts who can’t afford to pay $5 anymore for their triple-shot-skim-vanilla-latte." [EaterWire]

FLATIRON— In an effort to help out the tens of thousands of newly homeless residents of L'Aquila after the devastating earthquake this week, Bar Stuzzichini will donate 10% of revenues on Easter to the Abruzzo region through the Catholic Relief Fund. Through the 30th, they'll donate 10% of proceeds from the sale of bottles of Montepulciano d’ Abruzzo. [EaterWire]

SOHO— Grub Street reports Soho's ten year-old Cafe Noir will be closing and relocating sometime this summer: "The restaurant’s space is on the market. A manager says the landlord would only renew the lease for two years and was asking for too much, so the owner is trying to sign a deal elsewhere." [GS]

NEW YORK— Are you sick and tired of speakeasy themed bars? Let you voice be heard. [DBTH]

SOHO— Things that don't sound awesome: "You love lobsters. You love meatballs. But never in your wildest dreams did you think of co-mingling the two delicacies. Luckily, the folks at Ed's Lobster Bar are of more imaginative stock..." [UD]
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