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The Standard Restaurant Set to Open By Memorial Day

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After learning yesterday that the plywood has finally been removed from the new restaurant opening soon in MePa's Standard Hotel, we had to check it out for ourselves. Above, some new shots of the space; what follows, fresh intel:

· According to a mole at The Standard, the American/brasserie themed restaurant, headed by chef Dan Silverman (formerly of Lever House), is currently scheduled to open by Memorial Day. (Though, given the state it's in now—totally cleaned up with the tables set—we're guessing this is a modest projection. You never know when you're dealing with the DOB and DOH.)
· As is de rigueur these days, there will be a major focus on the cocktails, now being crafted by an Employees Only alum.

· Currently, cocktails in the Standard Hotel living room bar run $10 each, and those prices will most likely carry over to the restaurant because, as our source tells us, “Andre knows that not everyone is a millionaire.”
· The menu is completely finished; it’s just waiting for Balazs' approval. Our mole says the fare will be "simple and good; no fuss, no muss."
· The open-air beer garden/sausagefest on the ground floor and a club-lounge on the 18th floor with its own kitchen are still in the works and should be opening in late summer at the latest. But, “That’s its own animal.”
—Luciana Giangrandi
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