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EaterWire: Elephant and Klatch Forced to Shutter, Red Hook Vendors in Coney Island

EAST VILLAGE— 66 Square Feet reports that The Elephant on 1st between 1st and 2nd Avenues has been closed by court order. [66SquareFeet]

DOWNTOWN— Grub Street's Daniel Maurer finds a bar so secret, so hidden away, a place that necessitates such secrecy that he won't reveal its name or location. Here are your hints: "You walk into a downtown burrito joint. On the surface, it looks like any other guac-slinging operation. But to your left is a mysterious flight of stairs. Head up them and open the unmarked door that seems to be only for employees, and you’ll be inside a low-ceilinged room awash in a sexy blue hue..." We're leaning towards Pinche on this one, but any educated guesses are welcome. [GS]

CONEY ISLAND— Gothamist brings word that the Red Hook Vendors will be making an appearance on the boardwalk this summer: "...some Red Hook Ball Field Vendors will be part of a large 'Foodie Tent' (cringe) at Dreamland this summer. Per the release: 'Hundreds of vendors from across the City and State, ranging from some of the City’s best artisans and designers...will be setting up shop,' as part of a summer-long 'Festival by the Sea.'" [Gothamist]

SOHO— Grub Street shares the exciting news that Boqueria is now offering lunch to go. [GS]

FIDI— EV Grieve reports that coffee shop Klatch has been seized by the Marshall, and they have a very honest sign about it. [EV Grieve]
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