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Pat La Frieda's West Village Meat Warehouse Up for Sale!

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Meat purveyor/shaman Pat La Frieda's 45,000 square-foot Washington Street property in the West Village has hit the market, priced at $9.99/pound. (Kidding. It's actually $31 million.) The Sotheby's listing helpfully suggests that possible buyers could build a "commercial office, hotel, gallery and/or condo development" and that the zoning of the majority of the property allows for a 10-story building. Great! But, uh, what about our freaking meat?

No worries. La Frieda tells an Eater operative that his plan is to lease most of the Washington Street space and keep part of it operational while he moves to a brand spankin' new $6 million location "some place very close."

Perhaps he does plan to lease, not sell, but obviously he'll take $31 million for the old place if a buyer comes calling. Regardless, La Frieda says he'll make the announcement revealing his new location this July, and when the space is finally ready he will, of course, throw a huge party for his illustrious roster of NYC chefs.
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