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BRACE: Damon Frugal Friday to Open Six Days a Week

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Moles inside the Craft Empire have been telling us that management at the flagship shuffled staff around this week in preparation to make Damon: Frugal Friday—the restaurant's once-a-week, recession-friendly $10-a-plate experiment in the private dining room— a daily occurrence. And today, the officials chime in to confirm.

Starting next Monday, Damon Frugal Friday, to be called DFF, will be open every day except Tuesday (when Tom Colicchio holds Tom: Tuesday Dinner). They'll also serve brunch. Permanently turning their private dining room over to a new restaurant concept is just the latest move the Empire has made as a concession to the times and changing spending habits, and we expect more restaurants, with PDRs slowly gathering dust, to follow suit. We'll refer you to the official statement for the full briefing:

On April 13th, Damon Wise, executive chef of Craft restaurants, will turn the once-a-week Damon: Frugal Friday into DFF and open its doors six days a week. Encouraged by the response to the restaurant, Wise and owner Tom Colicchio have decided to serve frugal dinners every night but Tuesday, plus brunch on the weekends. DFF offers Wise’s ever-changing menu of creative, market-driven dishes broken into nine categories: small pizzas, food in a jar, meat on a stick, offal, food in a bundle, snacks, salads, cheese and small plates. Everything is $10 or under and new seasonal dishes are added daily. The menu is available in the 40-seat dining room as well as the lively bar where beer, wine and cocktails are $10 or less.
Those who want to book a private event can still do so every other Tuesday.
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