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Mandatory Gratuities: 25% at Maz Mezcal

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After the hullabaloo last month over mandatory tipping practices we realized the following: the city recommends that restaurants only include a tip if it is clearly stated on the menu, no larger than 15%, and it it's for parties of 8 or more. However in practice, restaurants can really do whatever they want, and they do. Our only recourse: to expose the flagrant offenders. From the tipline:

"Had an amazing meal at Maz Mezcal for a friend's birthday party but we were all in disbelief when the check came and there was an included gratuity of 25%. Actually more since they used the post tax amount to calculate it. Are there any other reported incidents of an automatic 25% gratuity? Several of us wanted to pare down the tip but others in the party were too embarrassed, proving that this underhanded technique works...."
25% post tax is a bit much, even for a party of 12.
Have a tip-related grievance? Send it our way.
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