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Great Moments in Twitterdom: The Fallon Freak Out

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A number operatives, along with Slice, alerted us over the weekend to one of the most incredible food-related twitter threads we've seen in awhile: Jimmy Fallon live tweeting getting kicked out of a pizza place. On Saturday afternoon, Fallon visited Posto with his family. Apparently, the staff had read the NYMag piece where Fallon said of their sister restaurant Spunto, "I think they use a blow dryer on the cheese. That would be the best Ritz cracker pizza. I assume they have a place named Crusto." The waitstaff laughs the Late Night host and his family (which includes a small child in a stroller) out of the restaurant, Fallon live twitters it, asking his fans to boycott, and then, perhaps after cooling off, backtracks. The highlights:

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