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Following Revamp, Bar Blanc to Reopen as Bar Blanc Bistro

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Following the moves of a growing number of restaurants across the country—including Per Se, Craft, 'inoteca, and Veritas— the owners of Bar Blanc have decided to change up the formula a bit. They will close tomorrow for some moderate renovations and will reopen on Wednesday night as Bar Blanc Bistro.

The overwhelmingly white look of the restaurant will be toned down with some dark brown accents in an attempt to make the dining room homier, chef Sebastiaan Zijp will introduce a bar menu, and beer taps will finally be added in the bar area. Owner Kiwon Standen tells us that the reason for the change is twofold. Of course they want to capitalize on more bar traffic and cater to customers who want a smaller or more flexible meal. But she also tells us the new setting is more conducive to Zijp's style of cooking. It remains to be seen whether hitching their wagon to beer and a burger will get the job done here, but it's a shrewd choice to make right now. The bar menu:

Bar Blanc Bistro's Bar Menu:
Crostini with White Bean and Olive Tapenade 7
Ham and Fontina Cheese Croquettes with Smoked Paprika Aoili 7
Duck Liver Mousse with Toasts 10
Pancetta Wrapped Sardine with Fresh Basil 8
Macaroni Cheese Au Gratin 7
with: Applewood Smoked Bacon 8
Black Truffle 9
Home Made Country Terrine, Cornichons, Toasts 10
Market Oysters 2.95 each
Fries with Dutch Fry Sauce 6
Add’l Dipping Sauce 1
Indian Curry Spice
Chipotle Mayo
Honey Mustard
Blanc Burger, Vermont Cheddar, Homemade Pickles
Bone Marrow Bordelaise Mayo, Fries 15
Chef’s Selection of Cheese 14
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