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A Moveable Tweet: The Latest from the Industry Twitterati

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We present the latest edition of A Moveable Tweet, where we take a look at the most intriguing tweets in the restaurant industry.


@plattypants: "Went to Brighton Beach for some salty borscht. Evyone looks like Cutlets, except 2 feet shorter."

@ruthreichl: "Ever have one of those dinner parties that goes wrong, wrong, wrong? That was last night. Discussion ended in shouts, tears, slammed door."

@jsteingarten: "Admission: I have no web page, no blog, no facebook entry. I signed up with Twitter because I was able to understand the instructions."

@roccodispirito: "Are we all happy with the Idol results??"

@Gachatz: "Glad Paul got a nod from Food&Wine...always been a fan of his cooking."

@kkrader: "hosea says he wasn't making out with Leah during Fuerza Bruta"

@pete_wells: "Stewing hen from Tello at Grand Army Plaza had unborn eggs inside. Every week my life looks more like Fergus Henderson's kitchen."

@gailsimmons: "Do you think the 2 pieces of pizza I just wolfed down will help or hinder me from fitting into my dress for the #BNC awards party tonight?"

@amandahesser: "loves that Jeffrey Steingarten (@jsteingarten) has tweeted 6 times, 3 of them a tripartite tweet."

@alexstupak: "Paul librandt in the house!...johnny Iuzzini too! I love walkins, keeps me on my toes"