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Wacky Promos: Chang's One Day Only Food Cart

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Never a dull moment in the David Chang stratosphere. On April 24, the chef-god will be spending his afternoon cooking food out of a secret cart as part of a "Locals Only" food event sponsored by We don't really get it, so we'll let the PR people take it from here:

"In order to gain access, consumers must sign on to and answer a series of local questions. One hundred and sixty local food enthusiasts who answer correctly will be awarded a 'golden lunch ticket.' Instead of actual tickets, consumers will be given an exclusive password to receive a gourmet lunch featuring the chef’s signature dishes...the location will remain a secret until the day of the event."
Chang! Secrets! Food cart! Golden Tickets that aren't really tickets at all! Please don't all enter the contest at once. You might crash their site.
· David Chang Locals Only Contest [NBCNewYork]