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Thursday Opening Report: Ballaro, Chocolate Bar, Manos Papaya, Magnifique Certified Open

1) East Village: A new "caffe prosciutteria" called Ballaro has opened on 2nd Avenue between 4th and 5th Streets. Named after a famous street market in Palermo, they offer sandwiches and boards of cured meats in addition to salads, crostini, sottoli, and a variety of imported jams and pastas. It will also function as a deli where locals can get sliced meats to go. They serve breakfast until 11 every day, everything else until 1 a.m. Status: Certified Open, with an official opening party on Sunday. 77 Second Ave., 212-228-2969.

2) West Village: Chocolate Bar has finally reopened in its proper West Village home. The shop originally closed last summer, reopened in the East Village, closed one month later, and then found new digs right across the street. The new store, offering coffee, tea, pastries, cookies, and chocolates opened on Tuesday. Status: Certified Open; 9 Eighth Ave. 212-366-1541.

3) Astoria: A contributor to our Flickr Pool reports on the opening of Manos Papaya in Astoria: "Manos Papaya used to be on 30th Avenue and Steinway St. Now, there's a bank there. This week, Manos Papaya opened at their new location on 30th Avenue near 31st Street. They even have a garden in the back." Apparently it's been in a "coming soon" phase for a year and a half. Status Certified Open. 30-15 30th Avenue, Astoria, NY, 717-777-5670.

4) Midtown West: Flo Fab reports on the opening of Brasserie 1605 a restaurant on the second floor of the newly renovated Crowne Plaza Times Square hotel. Chef Keith Williams' new menu "offers chicken with morels, halibut with caramelized grapes and a salmon burger, and comfort food like lobster rolls and chicken pot pie." Status Certified Open. 1605 Broadway, 212-315-6000.

5) Upper East Side: More reportage from the Times: "Le Magnifique, Stephanie Laurent’s French restaurant, with a bar on the ground floor and an airy dining room upstairs, offers a classic bistro menu. The chef is Eric Delalande. It replaces Ms. Laurent’s Brazilian place, Buzina Pop, which she plans to reopen in the West Village." Status: Certified Open. 1022A Lexington Ave., 212 879 6190.