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Booze News: Momo Drinks Now Being Served at Ssam Bar

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According to the Momo-obsessives and brown liquor lovers in the Twittersphere, Don Lee served up his cocktails at Momofuku Ssam Bar for the second night last night. As we mentioned before, no they are not charging $1 for the ice—which according to some reports is "aaamazing"—so go ahead and get it on the rocks. A look at the early word:

@kkrader: "@ssam bar. Bar about to go live 2nd nite. Not charging for ice...@ssam - just got martini, it's dirty with pickled ramp juice + old tom gin. Awesome...Tequila old fashioned @ ssam bar. Laser cut ice cubes are aaamazing..Ssam's New negroni also crazy good."
@highmountain: "Food and an old fashioned at Ssam Bar. Don's making drinks now..."
@islewine: "Ssam bar--checking out the new cocktail list--martini dirty w/ pickled ramp juice rocks!"
Ramp juice friends. RAMP. JUICE. Any further reports, send 'em our way.
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Momofuku Ssäm Bar

207 2nd Avenue, Manhattan, NY 10003 (212) 254-3500 Visit Website