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Swine Flu Mania: Brief Pork Ban at Gyu-Kaku

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While the bloggers continue to wonder if the swine flu H1N1 virus will dissuade diners from eating pork, a tipster brings up another question: Will overly cautious (and not so bright) restaurateurs stop serving pork? Given the flu purportedly doesn't come from eating our little porcine friends, we hope not, but check out this account:

"Was at gyu-kaku (midtown east) last night, and when we tried to order any of the pork dishes on the menu the waiter said the weren't serving pork. Prodding questions on if this was related to swine flu and our waiter would not comment. Further requests for pig were denied. Overall very disappointing to see a restaurant succumb to irrational fear."
Seeing that this is a DIY Japanese BBQ place, and many reports have cited that one can't get H1N1 from "properly cooked" pork, we could see how it all came about. However a reservationist at the restaurant this morning knew nothing of last night's pork embargo and said yes, they are serving pork this afternoon.
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