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EaterWire: Philippe to Take Kobe Beach Club, More from Artichoke, Jamie Oliver Welcome Petal

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CELEBDOM— Yes, Jamie Oliver's newborn is named Petal Blossom Rainbow. [Twitter via GS]

THE HAMPTONS— Flo Fab reports that the Kobe Club in the Hamptons will not reopen this summer. In its stead will be—excitement—a branch of Philippe. Chodorow's explanation: “I never intended to reopen it...We go to the Hamptons to enjoy ourselves.” [Diner's Journal]

EAST VILLAGE— Remember that Coney Island-themed Artichoke dessert place planned for East 14th Street? Check it: "The good guys at Artichoke are bringing a little diversion to the overstressed masses in the form of a curbside amusement park fixture. Look out for the classic clown-watergun-ballon game (you know, the one where you blast your friends with water instead of the clown), to be set up in front of the shop in a little more than a week." [The Feed]
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Artichoke Pizza

328 East 14th Street, New York, NY 10003