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Steve (The Full) Hanson's Empire Gets it Done on Twitter

We're all aware that restaurant industry folk have been quick to adopt Twitter. The critics are on there, the food writers, the chefs, the restaurateurs. But it's fair to say restaurant shaman Steve Hanson, he of Dos Caminos, Blue Water Grill, et al, is one of the few restaurant owners to truly wield the power of Twitter to its best effect.

Exhibit A: three days before his new Meatpacking outpost 675 Bar officially opens in the former Level V space beneath Vento, we discover 675 Bar is following us on Twitter. Its stream offers a solid mix of hard news (the menu, for example) and interactive bits such as, "debates over mezcal over here...what do you guys think?" (Meanwhile, its sommelier is pulling double duty by tweeting about private parties in the space, inviting VIPs to stop by. Nice touch.)

Exhibits B-D: Strong Twitter streams of genuinely useful information for potential diners—events, celeb visits, new menu items—are also in effect at his other outposts, including @wildwoodbbq, @bluewatergrill, and @doscaminos, while Hanson empire chefs like @ivystark are also on all up in it. All in all, an impressive showing; as ever, other restaurateurs are advised to watch and learn.

Oh, in other twitterverse news: Gail Simmons, Amanda Hesser, Ruth Reichl, and Rocco Dispirito made NYMag's Twitter Approval Matrix. Reichl who has tweeted these two things, was deemed Insightful and News-Sharing.
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