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THOR's Levant East Heralds Hell Square's Final Fall

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Of all the blocks in Hell Square, the stretch of Rivington between Ludlow and Essex just might be the epicenter of the inferno, especially on Friday and Saturday nights between, oh, 9pm and 6am. It's a block dominated by The Hotel on Rivington, of course, and, soon, by king of The Eldridge Matt Levine's revamp of the hotel's restaurant/club space THOR, which DBTH today reveals will be called Levant East. Levant East, you say? Oh yes, serious pretensions will be had. Per DBTH, the gruesome etymology:

A Little Birdy breaks down the name Levant East, saying "Levant (meaning lower / rising) in French, and east, to represent and fuse together French and American cultures. The plan is to create a cuisine which will be French (Levant) American (East), meaning the Lower / Rising of the East side, the growth of the Lower East Side."
And / Or the Fall / Final Apocalypse thereof, but let's not quibble, shall we?
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