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Insanity: Bruni Asks More Restaurants to Charge for Bread

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In the "spirit of contrarianism," Bruni gets on the blog today to defend the practice of charging for bread (a practice brought up in the Post yesterday). Not only that, he welcomes more restaurants to do the same. His argument:

· The cost of bread is added into the cost of the meal.
· Some people don't even touch the bread basket.
· Therefore, "aren’t the bread ascetics on a given night helping to finance, without explicit consent, the bread gluttons?"
· If restaurants charged for bread, they would serve better, more delicious bread (like Co. and Momo' Ssam)
Booya, New York Post. We're guessing the bread gluttons—and those who appreciate and relish any and all freebies at a given restaurant—would disagree with the Brunz, but he makes a fair argument. Regardless, until this new bread theory hits the mainstream and everyone's adding artisan rolls to the menu, diners will assume bread is free; and if they ask for it in the middle of a meal, the waiter needs to inform them that it comes at a cost.
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