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Top Chef Spoilage: DC's Mike Isabella on Top Chef 6?

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Just because Top Chef isn't filming its upcoming sixth season in New York doesn't mean we can't get in on the Chef Outing fun. According to various reports, Tom, Padma, Toby Young, and the Magical Elves crew will decamp to the M Resort in Las Vegas sometime in the next two weeks to begin a month and a half of filming. And while we have some guesses as to who could make the show from this area, we're still looking for solid clues. Thus, a first piece of evidence, from the tipline:

"I'm pretty much positive chef Mike Isabella from Zaytinya in DC is on the show. He's got tattoos and a faux hawk. And he flew out there to audition a month ago. I used to work there and am still close with him but he's been very shady and is now apparently on 'vacation.'"
Folks at the restaurant tells us he'll be on vacation for at least a month. Dicey. If you hear of any other suspicious sabbaticals, let us know.
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