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FW: Taking it Outside at Del Posto

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From: [an eater]
Date: Friday, April 24, 2009
To: eater complaints dept.
Subject: Taking it Outside at Del Posto


Last Friday, my girlfriend and I went to Del Posto and sat in the Enoteca room. We asked our head waiter about the $35 / 4-course prix fixe and right off the bat, he seemed annoyed and ran through the menu as he was walked away from our table -- although I noticed later on that everyone in the room ordered the same special. I then asked the sommelier to help pair our meal with the wine tasting flight (not full glasses) and he was rude and showed extreme frustration with the "great variety of seafood/meat dishes in our order which makes it too difficulty" but in the end, threw a few things together for us. Neither the waiter nor the sommelier checked up with the rest of the night (although the server was relatively friendly).

I gave them my credit card and once the receipt came back, I noticed that they had charged us for full glasses rather than the tasting flight. The server came by and I told him to call over the manager since I didn't think it was fair to complain to the one person who was polite to us the whole night. When I told the manager politely what had happened, beginning with the rude service from the head waiter and the sommelier, he kept rolling his eyes and saying, "I'm trying to work out the check for you but instead you're complaining about the service!" even after I made it clear to him that I was more frustrated by the service than the the extra charge on the bill.

This went on for another 5 minutes and the second I started to get upset, he raised his voice and demanded that I sign the check and leave right away. My girlfriend at that point scribbled the bill and he escorted us out. As we got closer to the door, he leaned in and whispered in my ear that we could just "take it outside"...I was stunned and asked him if he seriously wanted to fight me. He didn't respond and ran out the door in front of us and waited for me outside. As we walked away to catch a cab, obviously not wanting to street-fight the manager, he shouted, "NOT SO TOUGH NOW, ARE YOU?!"

Del Posto

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