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BREAKING 'Buckswire: Astor Place East Branch to Shutter!

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Astor Place: In perhaps one of the most significant markers of the behemoth in decline, the Starbucks located on the corner of Third Avenue and Astor Place will close its doors for good tomorrow night. Long a symbol of the chain's dominance in New York and its willingness to cannibalize even its own business (in addition to those of the small cafes), tourists will no longer be able to gawk at the fact that we have two 'Bucks a block away, and Starbucks East regulars will now be forced to make the long trek to Starbucks West (or another nearby location at Second Ave. and 9th St.). The corner of Starbucks and Starbucks (ref) will never. be. the. same.
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CRUCIAL UPDATE: We're assembling an insta-oral history of Astor Place Starbucks East. Remembrances, memories, torments from over the years to or in the comments, svp.