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Deathwatch BLOCKBUSTER: Kobe Club Succumbs At Last

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Time on the 'Watch: 115 weeks
Prognosis/Analysis: Quoth Jeffrey Chodorow, October 2, 2007: "Kobe Club is not closing, ever...Not only is Kobe Club not closing, but we're opening more of them, first in Miami."

Actually, Kobe Club on West 58th Street is closing. Tomorrow night. For good. And Miami? That's closing for the entirety of the summer, perhaps never to open again. In a word: whoa.

Now, it's true that Eater temporarily retired the Deathwatch last fall due to the dismal economic climate, but it's equally a fact that this very special case of the downfall of El Chod's shiny meatfactory merits a momentary revival, if only for the historical record. To wit: Kobe Club landed on the deathwatch in February 2007, almost snuck out of the hospice after a visit from Rush Limbaugh and Bubba Clinton a few months later, found itself downgraded to "critical condition" in October '07, and, on a night in June 2008 that brought to our table the dessert shown above, was certified a shitshow. Now, at long last, someone will have to complete the dangerous task of taking those swords down from the ceiling. (Please send photos.)

To close, color from the China Grill Management rep who, just moments ago, confirmed the closure: "Imagine being called Kobe Club at a time like this."
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