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EaterWire: The Unstoppable Pinkberry, Spiced the Movie, 202 Cafe Closed by DOH

WEST VILLAGE— A couple of tipsters have sent in photos of a stop work order at 170 Waverly Place, the site of Gabe Stulman's new project Joseph Leonard, now shooting for a summer opening. [EaterWire]

PINKBERRYVERSE— The Wall Street Journal reports that Pinkberry just got a new influx of cash: "A regulatory filing shows Pinkberry has secured $5.8 million of a round totaling $15 million. Chief Executive Ron Graves quickly confirmed Thursday that the company has raised new funding." [WSJ via CityFile]

WILLIAMSBURGPublisher's Weekly sends word that Dalia Jurgensen, the pastry chef at Dressler, is shopping the movie rights to her new book Spiced: "After romantic sparks fly between Jurgensen and her executive chef, the pair try to open their own restaurant without destroying their relationship in the process. Frederick, who said she’s pitching the project as 'a culinary A Star is Born,” sees the story working well as either a feature or a TV series..." [PW via GS]

CHELSEA— Chelsea's 202 Cafe at 75 9th Ave., has been shuttered by the DOH. Reopening tbd. [EaterWire]