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Whisk & Ladle's "Kitchen Conspirators" to Launch May 1

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May 1 marks the long delayed debut of the Food Network's first online show for their new site Food2. Called Kitchen Conspirators, the show revolves around the crew behind Williamsburg's underground supper club Whisk & Ladle as they and a guest chef prepare meals based on cuisines from around the world for groups of "strangers." The dinners are just like the those they've been hosting in their enormous loft for over two years now, just with the addition of hot TV lights. The guest chef from the first ep: fellow underground culinary personality Michael Cirino from yet another covert Brooklyn supper club A Razor a Shiny Knife. The crew began filming this project all the way back in September, so the show has taken quite awhile to get off the ground. Regardless, one can only hope that that W&L kids going mainstream doesn't inspire even more DIY supper clubs to pop up throughout Brooklyn. See a 54 second "sneak peek" here. Also of note, the close of the promotional email: "Stayed tuned for more as we put the “oo” back in “food”!" Feel the excitement!
· Food2 Sneak Peek! [YouTube]