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Introducing The Gates, The Most Wonderful and Well-Timed Club in NYC

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One of the most entertaining things we've come across this week: the coverage of The Gates, a new posh, semi private, bar/club in the opulent Biltmore Room space, now soft open for Tribeca Film Fest parties. It officially opens on May 8. Says The Daddy:

"It may help to picture the Gates as an early-1900s-style hotel lounge, but with the attitude of Soho House, Rose Bar and GoldBar rolled into one marble-encrusted crazybox. Walking through the massive solid brass gates, you'll find yourself surrounded by a never-ending swath of antique marble, more solid brass and a little fire (the big three of over-the-top design)...

The best part about this place— The "Ambassador's Program." Take it Grub Street:

"Promotional director Redd Stylez is overseeing an 'ambassador' program that awards keys (the lockets double as pens or bracelets and don’t actually open the front gates, which used to belong to the Biltmore Hotel in midtown) to 125 members of the 'New York City elite.'..Those ambassadors can use a computer add five to ten 'members,' who will then be allowed to show up with guests."

Guest of a Guest doesn't add much (but, oh yes, there are private phone booths for cell phone calls, the banquettes double as coat/purse storage space) but we like this closer:

"We didn’t stay long because we had dinner reservations at Koi and a table reservation for later that night at Rose Bar, though we will be sure to check out The Gates again soon. Dinner companions included Lydia Hearst, Alexandra Tomlinson, Elizabeth O’Neil, Eric Richman and Jake Hoffman."
Is this heaven on Earth or what?
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