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Cautionary Tales: Enid's Waiting List FAIL

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A brunch wait list fail, coming to you straight from the tipline:

"A couple weeks ago I put on my cobalt blue winter coat and went to Enid's in Greenpoint for brunch. When I asked for a table for four, the guy told me there would be a twenty minute wait, so I went back over to my friends, took off my coat, and settled in for the wait. Forty-five minutes later, we still hadn't been seated, but the guy promised we'd be next. We were therefore all really irritated to watch him give the next four-person table to a group that had come in after us. When one of my friends went up to confront him, he consulted his list and said 'Oh yeah, I've been looking for you guys for a while, but I didn't see anyone in a blue coat.' Apparently Enid's is such a fashion show that they just write down what you're wearing and use that for their waiting list."
We've noticed this phenomenon at a few other places around town, including pizza spot Co. One would think this Enid's character would call out the party's name before giving away the table.
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