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Plywood: Accademia di Vino Expands to Dock's Space

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Upper West Side: Fans of ex-NYMag critic Gael Greene will be happy to hear the old gal has graduated to the twitter, making it easier to learn about updates on her RSS-less blog Insatiable Critic. In addition to pointing us to a story about a $2.50 charge for ice cubes at Morton's and a lost coat at Armani Ristorante, she offers this compelling tidbit this week:

"Accademia di Vino will open a twig of its successful Third Avenue wine bar in the 110 seat space Docks abandoned at 2427 Broadway near 85th Street...The Upper West Side Accademia, scheduled to open in this summer, will feature the same grilled pizzas and pastas, mostly Tuscan or Roman, some communal tables, a slightly smaller menu, and host John Fanning at the door."
As much as the locals complained about the closure of Dock's in February, this will play just fine.
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