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Happy Endings: Cabrito's Goat Returned

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Two months ago it came out that some Village hooligan had stolen the pink goat and mascot that once adorned the facade of Carmine Street Mexican spot Cabrito. After eight weeks of waiting, and a requisite City section piece, the goat has supposedly been returned. Says a Cabrito mouthpiece:

"Worried for his safety and missing the little guy, the Cabrito kids were coming to grips with the reality of having to mark their one-year anniversary and Cinco de Mayo celebration on May 5th without their goat. But yesterday afternoon, after a long 8 weeks Cabrito’s signature pink goat finally stumbled home to Carmine Street just in time to partake in the festivities. The happy reunion took place over tacos and beer and many an 'I love you, man!'"
Or they just had a new one made.
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