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Checking In: The Anxiously Awaited May Openings

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Calexico in the old Schnack space; the latest plywood shot of Marea

One of the most common queries we get both from readers, tipsters, and industry folk: When is [insert hotly anticipated restaurant] actually opening? To heed your calls, we've collected some intel, made some spot checks, emailed a proprietor or two to see what is actually opening in the next month:

Table 8
25 Cooper Square, Noho
Status: Gas is on in the kitchen; friends and family invites have been sent out. Expect a full opening within the next two to three weeks.

Dutch Kills
27-24 Jackson Ave., Long Island City
Status: A spot check on Friday revealed no signs on life, and co-owner Sasha Petraske says they're not ready to project an opening date, that they're still building and staining woodwork.

Brooklyn Bowl
61 Wythe Ave., Williamsburg
Status: A tipster who poked his head in yesterday tells us the place looks almost complete. A man painting benches in the doorway told him they're shooting for May 15th.

Calexico's Red Hook storefront
122 Union St., Red Hook/Columbia Street Waterfront
Status: After receiving a number of reader inquiries regarding the hold up here—remember the plywood was first spotted back in September—we went to the cart to get the intel. According to one worker, she should be up and running in three weeks.

The Standard
848 Washington St., MePa
Status: Though we heard the Standard's restaurant should be open by Memorial Day, reps tell us that we shouldn't expect the the outdoor space or the rooftop bar to open until August at the earliest.

240 Central Park South, Midtown
Status: The restaurant is still projected to open in May, but the recent plywood shot above (taken Saturday) shows they have a lot of work to do to hit the target. Update: They're holding the official opening/charity event on May 1.

31 West 17th St., Union Square
Status: They're still waiting on permits but hope to finish construction soon.

Brooklyn Bowl

3545 South Las Vegas Boulevard, , NV 89109 (702) 862-2695 Visit Website


240 Central Park South, Manhattan, NY 10019 (212) 582-5100 Visit Website


31 West 17th Street, Manhattan, NY 10011 (212) 675-7223 Visit Website