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EaterWire: Cafe Cello DOH'd, Colicchio on Bahn Mi, Despana Delivers, and More

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COLICCHIO WIREYumSugar sits down with Mr. Tom Colicchio, talks sandwich trends: "Everyone keeps talking about bahn mi. It's like bahn mi. Bahn mi. Bahn mi. I'm so over bahn mi. We've already been there done that with barbeque pork and pulled pork. I think it will be something inspired by Indian street food." [YumSugar]

MIDTOWN— One of Midtown Lunch's favorite spots Cafe Cello is closed. Luckily, it's temporary: "It might be the first time in Midtown Lunch history where I was actually *hoping* to see a DOH sticker...according to the sign on the gate, they will be back open tomorrow (April 21st.)" [ML]

MIDTOWN— A strange/sad/funny happening from Peter Feld. While eating at Lasagna Ristorante, a pigeon wanders into the restaurant: "I pointed it out to our waiter/bartender, who shooed the bird out, then told us he had a strange story: every time that someone close to him dies, the next day he is visited by a pigeon walking into the restaurant. Oh my, we said, did someone close to you die yesterday? He replied: the owner of this cafe died this morning." [Gag Peter Feld with a spoon]

SOHO— Grub Street reports lunchtime favorite Despana is finally offering delivery. Sadly the bounds of the delivery zone lie at Houston and Canal and West Broadway and Bowery, but word is they'll be expanding it soon. Oh and there's a steep $20 minimum. [GS]