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The Shutter You Dispose of Angels Edition: $1 Dumplings

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Lower East Side: Per the signage above, the restaurant Fried Dumpling at 99 Allen has been evicted by its landlord, the Heaven Way Buddha Church. For those that can't read that lovely addition it says, "Shame on you Buddha Church. You dispose of angels." A neighbor writes in with some background:

"...this was a sister joint to the one that's in the heart of Chinatown. You could get 5 dumplings, or 4 pork buns, or a bowl of sour soup - all for $1. (30 frozen dumplings went for $5) Elsewhere in the same area around Delancey and Allen, a greasy gross appetizer platter of dumplings goes for $6 before tax/tip. This place was CRUCIAL for the locals who don't care to eat for a Spitzer's-level budget all the time...But I admit the prices were probably too cheap. I thought they owned their building, to be able to sustain on that."
Perhaps some trendy speakeasy themed mixology-focused bar can open in its place.
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