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The Shutter Final Tally: March '09

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January may have been a massacre, February a slaughter, but the gods of the restaurant industry didn't make it any easier on us this month. The 27 dearly—and not at all dearly (we see you Bamn!)—departed shutters of March:

· Bamn!
· Batch
· Brouwers
· Caffe Buon Gusto
· Cambodian Cuisine

· Centrillon
· Circus
· Comfort Diner
· Fried Dumpling
· Golden Crust
· Gold St.
· Good World
· Earth
· El Ray Del Sol
· Fusion Wraps
· Korhogo 126
· Le Miu
· L'Ulivio
· Pizza Lucca
· R&L Restaurant
· P'ong
· Sassy's Sliders
· Stamatis
· The Starlite Lounge
· Sympathy for the Kettle
· Urban Lobster
· Wendy's

· The Shutter Tally: February Was the Cruelest Month [~E~]

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