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The Shutter Report: Jeeb, Plumm, Cafe Zest, and More

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Town wasn't the only restaurant to close this week. Here are some stragglers. And if you know of any others who have met their demise, please do let us know.
Shuttered Jeeb on 154 Orchard.

1) Lower East Side: A tipster writes in wondering about the state of Jeeb, a LES Thai restaurant that seems to constantly shift between states of opening and closing. While no owners were on site during a walk-by, the place was locked up tight and a the shopkeeper above them told us the Jeeb owners are trying to find someone to buy the restaurant. [ShutterWire]

2) Village: The New York Post announces the closing of The Plumm: "The West 14th Street club is done. Noel Ashman, who took over the space 4½ years ago, first as NA, then as Plumm, closed the bilevel nightspot a week ago, putting about 100 people out of work." [NYPost]

3) Gramercy: We learned from the twitter that Amai Tea & Bake House is "closing on Sunday. $1 cupcakes, coffee, tea this weekend." [Twitter]

4) Midtown: Midtown Lunch reports that Cafe Zest has closed on 41st Street between Madison and Fifth: "The awning has been changed to read Amakusa (the name of the restaurant that used to occupy the upstairs space) but according to a sign on the door new management will be opening a new restaurant soon." [ML]

5) A Neighborhood So Hot You Don't Even Know About It: Grubz brings the tragic news of shuttering of the fake exclusive secret club El Bano. A message from the "owners": "Management regrets to inform you that El Bano is closed as of today. We had some amazing times at the club, but we are closing because there is no money in New York anymore." [GS]