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White Slab Palatial: New Scandanavian Menu Debuts

Sam Horine/Metromix

Lower East Side: A week ago, we learned LES newcomer White Slab Palace—brought to us by the same folks who owned the newly shuttered Good World—was expanding next door to create a proper dining room. Thankfully, they aren't waiting until it's ready to debut a menu. Excitement from the tipline:

"I was at White Slab Palace last night and they said they had just started serving food the day before. It was a one-page menu with about a dozen items. Starters and main courses. I remember there was a spiced lamb appetizer, fish soup, and a selection of four herrings, which came with flatbread, new potatoes, red onion and chives. I had the latter. It was delicious. The waitress said the menu was a work in progress."
Oh. Hell. Yes. More on this once we get our hands on/try out the menu.
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