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Dealfeed Curiosities: $7.99 Rib Night at IKEA

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One of our favorite and most intriguing dealfeeds to come across the tipline is this: Wednesday night is $7.99 rib night at IKEA in Red Hook. We've known about the $.99 breakfast for awhile now, but a Swedish furniture store take on bbq ribs? What would IKEA brand ribs even taste like? Luckily for us, an Eater operative checked out the scene last night with the fam:

"It was not as crowded as I expected. More surprisingly, only about half the people in the cafeteria got the ribs. The chicken fingers were in high demand. Ribs were pretty good! Not great, not terrible, but definitely a good value for $7.99. They were cool about substitutions. I subbed mashed for the fries, the wife subbed in mixed veggies. A big crew of cops came in around when we were leaving, but only half of them got ribs. Later when we were leaving we saw that they parked their cop car in the handicap spot. Classy.
Man, the whole situation is pretty classy. Eat it Good Fork.
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