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Off the Deep End: Black Pearl Still Hating on Ramsay

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A quick recap for those just joining us. Last year, Gordon Ramsay filmed one of his Kitchen Nightmares episodes—that's the show in which he tries to save a terrible restaurant—at Chelsea's seafood "shack", The Black Pearl. Four days after airing, the restaurant closed. Two weeks later, the owners wrote in with an epic rant, blaming Ramsay for the 50% drop in revenues that led to the closure.

Fast forward to Spring '09, and we learn they've still got a chip on their shoulders. Have a look at the still live website of the shuttered restaurant. It's totally devoted to a gleeful rant about Ramsay's recent tabloid woes. Choice quotes include, "Maybe he'll rot in hell, where he belongs!" and "Thank you, God, for exposing this asswipe!" The full text:

As it turns out, Gordon Ramsay is allegedly a philandering hypocrite. Maybe he'll rot in hell, where he belongs!

Making waves across the pond over the weekend were the tabloid reports that celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay had a seven-year affair with a high class escort lady, Sarah Symonds.

The Telegraph UK reports that Ramsay and the woman would meet up at the Marriott Grosvenor Square, which is right next to his Maze restaurant. Actually, the restaurant is part of the hotel itself. And its sounds kinda like kinky stuff went down.

On the second occasion the woman was seen visiting a sex shop in Soho beforehand to buy the legal drug amyl nitrate and Ramsay is said to have spent an hour and a quarter in her £390-a-night Mayfair hotel room.

We take it that the Marriott does not offer in-room sex kits. Also, Ramsay must have gotten a discount on that hotel room, right? That's like $600.

For now, Ramsay maintains that he did not cheat on his wife, saying he was set up and went so far to pose for photos with his wife, Tana, yesterday outside their home. However, if it is true we find it interesting how Marriotts seem to be top for affairs. From

Thank you to our friends and family for your support during the past four years, and thank you, God, for exposing this asswipe!

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