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Colicchio to Continue Actual Cooking Indefinitely

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GRAMERCY— File under not incredibly shocking. Just a week after it was announced that Damon: Frugal Friday was becoming a 6 day a week thing, we learn Tom: Tuesday Dinner—Tom Colicchio's bi-monthly dinner experiment/his genius way of getting an extra financial boost when people are no longer booking out private rooms—will continue indefinitely. When the Big C launched his "no holds barred " pop up restaurant just before the winter holidays, it was never clear how long he was planning on sticking around:

"Originally planned to last one year, Colicchio discovered his guests are enjoying the experience as much as he. With many more dishes to explore, Colicchio is excited to continue evolving TOM: Tuesday Dinner, every other Tuesday of the month."
With any luck, the success here could lead to Colicchio cooking in a real kitchen more than twice a month.
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