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White Slab Palatial: Full Menu Revealed

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Lower East Side: We mentioned earlier today that Scandanavian LES newcomer White Slab Palace is now serving food, and now Zagat has a pdf of the menu. If this is what they're really serving (remember the menu is a work in progress), it's serious stuff: starters ($5-9) include cod balls, oyster spring rolls, and spicy lamb pelmeni, "middles" ($7-14) include a selection of salads and herrings, and mains ($14-26) include a double loinchop of lamb, fish fry, a porterhouse pork, and rack of venison. And most vital of all, drum roll please, there is a burger, but it's not the famed Good World Burger. Instead, this new burger is called "Good World Burger, White Slab Palace Style" and comes with a fried egg, bacon, cheese, and fries. We're much more enticed by their fish burger and their $90 "Grand Plateau" with lobster, crab, shrimp, sashimi, and vasterbotten. Also: frozen meatballs to go are $10.95.
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