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Chronicles of El Chod Runner: 6th Avenue's New Foodparc

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Some vital new details have just come across the wire regarding the restaurant and bar space going into the new hotel/condo at 835 Sixth Avenue (at 30th St.). It's been widely known that Jeffrey Chodorow's China Grill Management will be running the 20,000 square foot restaurant and bar space on two floors of the 54 story building. What we didn't know is who's designing it. Per an email from the designer's rep:

"Philip Koether, Principal, Philip Koether Architects is the Interior Architect for both the 302 residences and the restaurant/bar space for China Grill Management. Philip collaborated on the design for the restaurant and foodparc with futuristic concept designer Syd Mead, most famous for the 1982 cyberpunk cinema classic “Blade Runner” which remains one of the most influential science fiction movies of all time."
That's right. Blade Runner and Jeffrey Chodorow. A match made in cyberpunk heaven? We await what are bound to be amazing renderings and more details on what a "foodparc" entails.
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835 Sixth Ave., New York, NY