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Plywood Rumormongering: Phil Ward's Tequila Bar?

We've been hearing rumors of late that the team at Death & Co was planning a spinoff tequila bar in the vicinity of their East 6th Street space. Though owner David Kaplan told us recently that he has no involvement in said project, his bartender Phil Ward could still have something up his sleeves.

Blog A Muddled Thought has been hearing that the rumored tequila bar is actually Ward's creation, and yesterday they found the likely candidate for the space: a soon to open bar on East 6th Street between 1st and 2nd called Mayahuel. Having walked by the space recently, we have to say that it is indeed one of the more interesting and intensive renos going on in the area. Word so far is that the place will open in May.
· Maya Huel-Phil Wards new home? [AMT]