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Top Chef's Stefan and Fabio Continue Bromance Online

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The above curious screenshot comes courtesy of an intrepid Eater LA tipster, who discovers the bromance that blossomed between Top Chef's Team Euro on the TV has continued apace online. ELA's take on what we're seeing here:

"From what we gather, Stefan thinks Fabio—aka 'prince of sandwiches and icecream'—has been lifting friends from his profile so he's returned the favor in an effort to win Top Facebook. Or something. Anyway, the exchange is poetry. Pure, epic, trash-talking BFF poetry."
For more samplings of the non-sequitur brilliance at work on Facebook, check out ELA. (Spoiler: Fabio comes across like a lunatic.)
· Online Bromance: Stefan and Fabio Continue to Fascinate [~ELA~]

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