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EaterWire: Frederick's Madison Bankrupt, Free Iced Coffee Day, Domino's Gross Out

UPPER EAST SIDE— Frederick’s Madison, the restaurant on Madison and 66th, has filed for bankruptcy: "The pricey spot owned by nightclub impresario Frederick Lesort has been unable to pay its rent for the past four months and owes its landlord $261,187. In addition, Frederick’s owes New York state more than $145,000 in unpaid taxes..." Lesort hopes to turn things around and, in attempt to attract business, has reduced prices by 30%. [Crain's]

PIZZAVERSE— Last night Consumerist posted videos of Domino's employees behaving badly (think toppings in orifices). Today, they were fired. Slice's take: "To its credit, Domino's corporate was swift in handling this, but this incident is a perfect reminder why it's better to go to an indie pizzeria. In the videos, there's no supervision of these two presumably low-level employees, who have no interest in doing or incentive to do anything more than shit around." [Slice]

NEW YORK CITY— Mark the calendars for next Tuesday: "On Iced Coffee Day, the price for a small cup of iced coffee will be reduced to 50 cents at participating Dunkin' Donuts shops. For every small iced coffee purchased on this day, Dunkin' Donuts will donate five cents to benefit Homes for Our addition to pledging an initial $100,000." [EaterWire]

TV LAND— Things we never thought we'd see or hear probably include Wolfgang Puck reading the following line from a romance novel aloud in his thick Austrian accent: "He kissed her with a soft sensuality and stirred every nerve in her body. Her response was reckless — she knew there was a danger there, and she didn't care." [EMD via ELA]