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A Moveable Tweet: The Latest from the Industry Twitterati

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We present the latest edition of A Moveable Tweet, where we take a look at the most intriguing tweets in the restaurant industry.


@Gachatz: "Will ppl. Call me a sell-out if I develop a concept for decent airport food?? Was just forced to choose from Manchu wok or Carolina pit bbq."

@pete_wells: "@Gachatz you won't hear me complain,, says a guy who spent 14hrs @ LGA today, subsisting on Dunkin, BK & Chili's Too."

@ruthreichl: "@Gachatz I, for one, will call you a hero. But the question is, can airport food be done well? We're counting on you...."

@MichaelNagrant: "@Gachatz I've seen the signed Mayor Daley photo in the Alinea office. You've certainly got the clout for an airport concession."

@kkrader: "Just witnessed: attack on manager at prime meats. Everything fine."

@unscented: "watched baoguette st.marks drop 15 banh mi on the flr, dust off & serve. 3 of those mine."

@plattypants: "Waiters all in black tonight. They're coming at me like spider monkies."

@KatieLeeJoel: "Ugh...had a cooking "miss" with my dinner tonight....hate when that happens!"

@fwscout: "Embarrassing: with so much excellent + conflicting advice on where to go in bklyn, I caved + went to Fatty Crab UWS + saw a bad chick flick"

@feedbagmeals: "Last Meal: Four different kinds of hamburgers at Steak 'N Shake."
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