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Monday Opening Report: Sea Thai, Belleville Lounge, Berimbau Certified Open

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1) Park Slope: Brooklyn's Belleville has expanded their space, opening Belleville Lounge. The dubious sell: "The Lounge, with its soaring sky-lit ceiling, vintage 1950’s Parisian bar and original French antique furnishings, brings the Marais to the Slope...French underground club music, experimental performance and vintage 60’s French videos will complete the hip, demi-monde atmosphere." Fabian Pauta, formerly of Le Madeleine in Manhattan, is the chef. Status: Certified Open. 332 Fifth Street, Brooklyn, 718-832-9777.

2) MePa: Zagat reports that the Thai triplex Highline has been replaced with a new branch of Sea Thai: "So far, not much has changed – both the menu and the South-Beach-meets-Austin-Powers design are virtually intact – though management plans on tweaking both the upstairs and downstairs lounges." Status: Certified Open. 835 Washington St., 212-243-3339.

3) West Village: An opening report from the tipline: "I live on Carmine Street, and saw that a new restaurant opened this week in the spot that used to be Deborah. The new place is called Berimbau, and the menu looks Brazilian. Haven't found anything about it online." Status: Certified Open. 43 Carmine St., 212-242-2606

4) Prospect Heights: Gothamist has the word on Prospect Heights' Washington Commons: "Early reports indicate the bar was packed, pints cost $5-8, the focus seems to be Belgian beer, and there’s a big outdoor area in the back. Cozy Josie’s Brooklyn Beat reports 'good ol' bar food” will likely be served sometime in the future." Status: Certified Open. 434 Park Place Brooklyn, 917-407-3144.