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The Shutter: Town Finally Packs It In

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Midtown: We can't say we're surprised about this one. Just a week after several vendors attempted to force Town into involuntary bankruptcy as a means to recoup some debt, tipsters, sources at the restaurant, and Grub Street report that Geoffrey Zakarian's Chambers Hotel restaurant shuttered on Friday. One source tells us the bankruptcy marshals descended on the restaurant to close it. Another says employees were asked to vacate the premises at 3 p.m. without any prior warning and that the restaurant had 120 reservations for Easter brunch. And a Grub Street tipster sends word that everything was fine at 1:30 on Friday, but by early evening, it was dunzo.

Reps at the hotel say there is the possibility that the restaurant could reopen in some form, but they weren't sure that a final decision had been made as of yet. Meanwhile sister restaurant Country, where managers have reportedly taken pay cuts and reduced hours, has yet to re-debut as Country Steak.
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