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Crosby Connection Now Open in Bleecker Street Theater

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Noho: The long wait is over. Noho's longtime favorite sandwich shop, Crosby Connection has opened in its third location four months after its "divorce" from the Parisi Bakery on Mott and Houston, and just a year after it was forced to leave its original home on Crosby Street. The Connection is serving their huge $6 sandwiches at the concessions stand at the Bleecker Street Theater (45 Bleecker St.) from Monday through Friday. And for an additional bonus: they're now serving coffee and will soon have lattes and cappuccinos (once owner Joey Cramarossa figures out how to work the machine) and cake. It's a totally different sandwich climate than when Crosby vacated Parisi in December—a veritable sandwich invasion has hit Manhattan—but we're confident they can hold their own. Staus: Certified Open. 45 Bleecker St., 212-677-8444.
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Crosby Connection

284 Mulberry Street, New York, NY 10012 (212) 677-8444